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Question 1. I ordered the basic version, where is the mechanical, plumbing, & electric data?

Answer: We have a specific systems option available for your purchase that details all aspects of the mechanical air, plumbing, and electrical systems for the residence.

Question 2. I ordered garage Option # 2 and Master Bedroom Option # 4, do these options include mechanical air, plumbing, and electrical detailing?

Answer: Yes, the options listed includes detailed accounts of those supporting systems.

Question 3. I am in GA and I would like to permit these documents. Will I be able to take these to the permit office and receive a permit (or permits)?

Answer: Each municipality has separate building permit conditions. You will need to discuss this with the building official.

Question 4. Other plan sites charge thousands of dollars for a custom residence such as this. How can you provide the level of detail and accuracy for us to follow through with the development?

Answer: We have provided you an immaculate set of documents far greater than the value of purchase. It is our hope that you have many wonderful years in your new investment. We also hope that you will exchange photographs and comments with us as proud grandparents.

Question 5. Do you customize any of these drawings?

Answer: Sorry, no. We have a substantial investment in the planning of the Big-Little development. I would suggest changes to be implemented by someone locally and in line with the local permitting.

Question 6. Have you considered a basement?

Answer: Yes, we are currently working on a basement plan that will extend the stairs to a lower region of the residence. This is still on the drawing board.

Question 7. We want to change the exterior walls from ICF to wood framing to save construction money, what do you think?

Answer: Your investment in this residence will probably be the most expensive investment you make in your life. You choice of the advantages and disadvantages should be weighed on your part. We have designed a storm resistant and low maintenance home that will last you a lifetime and more.

Question 8. How much will this house cost?

Answer: It depends. We have given you many options and substitutions. Your contractor or your savvy negotiations with subcontractors will give you your answer

Question 9. We would rather use brick exterior cladding rather than stone. Do we have options?

Answer: Yes, we do.  You will need to give us a special note when you order the basic version pages A-4 & A-5.

Question 10. I want to adapt a water source heat pump for the mechanical air design, can the design adapt to this?

Answer: Congratulations, thermal upgrades are most welcomed and adaptive to this design. Recheck you subcontractors spatial requirements and electrical needs.



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