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(1)  Condensed building envelope = results in lower heating & cooling costs.

(2)  Efficiencies of space = furniture circulation patterns are prioritized.

(3)  Cottage scale = compact design means quicker completion.

(4)  Energy efficient materials = recycled components in all phases.

(5)  Bid-ready complete documents = contractor-homeowner checks & balances.

(6)  Storm resistant investment = less vulnerable to extreme weather.

(7)  Pre-planned for incremental expansion = reflects your budget on your timeline. 


The “Big” items are these valued documents available to the buyer for four bedrooms and two baths under 1,800 square feet. Interior spaces overflow to the outdoor porch areas & visibly connect the entrance to the side yard and rear yard. Outdoor and covered living spaces are protected and extend the interior activities.

The “Little” items are a small carbon footprint/ and a small, narrow or corner lot application. Since the footprint is so small, a relative reduction in land cost is readily achievable. This residence is fitted with multiple options. The two story residence is planned for future growth with budget savings incorporated. The design has been made possible for those seeking detailed & complete coordination. Documents are arranged for self-management and limited assistance is required.


Not Your Average Home...  


Homes are clearly representations of each home Owner’s personality and lifestyle. A new architectural design creates a custom ‘shoe’ that Cinderella’ slips on; only we have planned far ahead of the princess and anticipated her expectations. The same is true of the process of acquiring a well-designed residence. A unique bargain now exists on a wholesale scale for a creative and flexible design package. The design is completely functional, provides options for growth, and uses space efficiently. Our planning has created exciting, comfortable, and affordable concepts. All successful designs have a strong need to be functional yet playful in using the scale, color, texture, and lighting themes. We have accomplished this goal and all excelled others by offering narrow lot conscious design. We have also created a most effective two story design solution based on limited land, acquisition physical footprint, and repetitive/ stackable labor savings. The design is “image” friendly and enduring for a cottage lifestyle. The Big-Little is easy to maintain and equipped for savings year after year. This construction formula will outlast those of the past by utilizing insulating concrete forms (ICF) or the prominent choice is sustainability. (Click here to learn more)


The Architecture in the “Big-Little”

An art form plays a potent role in shaping our built environment and enhances our daily lives. Architecture has been recognized to form a seamless fusion between function and aesthetics. The “Big-Little” package reflects such coordination. Whether or not cost saving measures are enacted by the homeowner, these documents guide the purchaser to making good choices.


Words of Wisdom:

The original designer, Shuman, emphasizes the key words - taken from the old master, Frank Lloyd Wright- “FORM and FUNCTION”- “It’s a matter of conceptualizing the outcome of a need.“  This Architect reached past the basics and explored the “what-if” variables.  He saw various complementary and alternative needs along the way.  Here is where innovation and design met front and center.  There were no stones unturned when it came to planning and research.  The “Big/ Little” has experienced a timely process and has explored creative ways of addressing the public offer of designer homes at discounted pricing and more importantly the concept of “plug and play” planning concepts for the future additions.

A designer styled home brings to an investment factor of “valued” design which, Shuman says, “brings out the best in people and adds significantly to community appearance and return on investment.”  Image is everything.  It is followed closely by a large order of time tested experience with a series of good choices.

Architects like Shuman walk the ecological-awareness balance beam and, accept an obligation to be a good Sheppard of the environment.  The goal of every design brings more awareness for recyclables products that will reduce our landfills and offer smarter choices (Considering Downsizing)




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